Why Do Anime Characters Run With Their Arms Backwards?


All anime lovers have this same question, and it is not that we dislike to see them as they run. But we are curious why this happens.

Nowadays there are many memes, comments and even mockery of certain people who don’t know the origin of this peculiar ability.

Today this doubt will be resolved, so when someone asks you this you’ll immediately respond with the truthful information.

Why does Naruto run with his arms backwards?

It could be said that the anime Naruto, one of the most famous in history, made it very fashionable. It made people talk about this peculiar ability to run with their arms backwards.

However, we must tell the truth that Naruto wasn’t the first anime to run with his arms backwards. Many series did so even before this acclaimed series saw the light.

Naruto run with his arms backwards

Naruto runs this way simply because he is a ninja, and well, Naruto’s series is based on a ninja world.

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Do the ninjas run with their arms backwards?

Lovers of Japanese culture know that ninja art is based on ninjutsu and this has many peculiarities, such as running with your arms backwards. They do this so as not to be detected in the shadows and running in that way attracts less attention than moving your arms forward as you run.

Many people believe that this way of running gives them more impulse and speed, and the truth is that the impulse is generated when you accompany the movement.

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Anime Character Run With his Arms Backwards

Because if this were true in the Olympics or athletic events everyone would run with their arms back and you know that this doesn’t happen. In competitions is the opposite, athletes move their arms accompanied by the movement of the legs and this is the impulse.

What’s the truth about running with your arms backwards?

The truth is that running with your arms backwards doesn’t generate any impulse. On the contrary, it creates more opposition to movement and decreases aerodynamics. Remember this is only because of the camouflage and ninja custom they have in Japan.

boys Run With Arms Backwards

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

Now that you know the truth, we leave you with this funny video to have some fun.

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