What Are Resin Figures And How Are They Made?


Has a Nakama of yours created an Anime Resin Figure? Do you want to make it too? If you want to make a resin figure, or you want to buy a new Piece for your collection and you need to know about its maintenance, features and cleaning, this is your WEB!

What are Resin Figures?

What are Resin Figures

They are either Anime, Series, Comics or MoviesFigures, created with Synthetic Resin. This material is sticky and liquid when heated to high temperatures. Unlike PVC, Resin is Strong, solid and reliable after hardening in its mold.

Features and Advantages of Resin Anime Figures

Features and Advantages of Resin Anime Figures

Why is a Resin Figure more expensive? If you want to know why resin figures are more expensive than PVC figures, here are their advantages and features:

  • More weight: Being a harder material than PVC, Resin Anime Figures weigh more.
  • The texture is different: The Resin figures have a rough and ceramic texture, that is due to its manufacturing process. On the other hand, the PVC figures are smoother, as the manufacturing process is faster and simpler.
  • Resin has no Flaws: One of the most important features of the Resin Figures, is that they are flawless. This is due to its manufacturing process, it doesn’t allow air bubbles to enter the Anime Figure.
  • The look is better: As there are no flaws in its manufacture, the resin allows us to paint the Figure with all the layers we need. This process makes the Anime Figure paint have a better finish.
  • They are better elaborated: All these advantages or characteristics make the Resin figures the most valued by collectors.

Do you want to paint Resin Figures?

Resin figures sold online are usually disassembled, just as they come out of their mold. If you are one of those who like to customize your figure, and paint it with airbrush or brush, Here are the best selection of Resin Figures To Paint:

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Looking for Anime Resin Figures already painted?

Resin Figures are a little more expensive than PVC Figures, since the finishes and the elaboration of Resin Figures are better. If you want to buy a new piece for your collection, here you have the best Anime Resin Figures in Amazon.

Custom Resin Figures

Custom Resin Figures

If you need to order a custom resin figure, since you want to make your own Anime Figure, send us an email with the information of what you want, and we’ll contact you. We work with the best sculptors of Resin Figures and with the lowest prices.

What maintenance should I do to my Figure?

What maintenance should I do to my Figure

The maintenance of Anime Resin Figures is simpler than that of PVC or Vinyl figures. Being a more resistant material, you should do less maintenance, removing dust once a week is enough. The resin is easy to keep clean and looks much better among the figures in our collection.

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