Top 5 Reverse Harem Anime


Reverse Harems are a girls dream, having many guys in love with you at the same time, well in anime, there is such a thing. What reverse harem series are the best? Read this list to find my top reverse harem anime!

5. Kamigami No Asobi

This show is about a girl that gets transported to another world and meets different gods. The reason why she was sent there was to show them how to act towards humans. I really liked how all the characters are different in the way they look and act. The end was kind of weird though with a big battle but the rest was good. Kamigami No Asobi is a show that is not the most popular reverse harem, but does do a lot of romantic scenes and the end right.

4. Uta No Prince-Sama

Uta no Prince-Sama is one of the most popular reverse harems at this time. This show has four seasons and twenty boys to watch fall in love with the main character. The show is about a group of boys that compete with other groups as idols to win a contest and the main girls heart. The show still needs more seasons so that there can be a proper ending.

3. Angelique

The next one is Angelique, this is actually a two seasoned show but they both make this spot since there is no separation between them. The first season is about the main girl learning that she has magic powers and that she must use them to save a world. She collects the boy’s, also known as guardians magic to help her save that world. The next season is about the same girl having to find new guardians for the world that she saved. The picture up top is the first season while the one on the right is the first season.

2. Neo Angelique Abyss

This show is the continuation from the one in 3rd place. Even though this show is completely different with a different main character and even different boys, but like the last season, there is two different seasons. The first one is about the main character that has healing magic and has to fight, with the help of the boys that also have powers, monsters called Thanatos. In the second season the main girl learns how to use a sword and fight for herself. She also tries to save one of the boys that ended up being evil. This show is actually one that I own on DVD because I like it so much.

1. Amnesia

Amnsia was always my favorite reverse harem ever since I first saw the show. The story is kind of complex at first but makes sense after a while. The boys are all unique and have different reasons to love the main character as well. This show is kind of confusing at first with different worlds but its a good story and you should watch it for yourself, actually you should give all of these shows on the list a try.

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