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Comedy, a genre that has taken over the anime universe as of now. Every show has some comedy to it whether it be in the form of lame puns, good punch lines, completely hilarious characters and out of the blue developments, you name it.

It’s gives us a better insight of the anime since it makes us more hooked on to it since the comedy aspect is always there to keep us in it even when things get ‘slow’ by any means.

With the tremendous amount of anime in the comedy genre that we have as of now, all of them are funny in their own ways and means.

If an anime is lacking in any aspect, the other one makes up for it and vice versa.

This makes the Comedy genre full of shows that make up for each other even while being rivals in the industry. When it comes to the laughs and chuckles, some names truly stand out with iconic jokes and punch lines that the best of the memes are based on today.

With that being said, let’s give ourselves a memory check and count down to the Top 5 Funny scenes in anime.

5. Speed-O-Sonic vs. Saitama, the Nutcracker:

I’m sure everyone knows about this considering how hyped One Punch Man was back in the day. It was one of the reasons that anime was recognized all over the world and was seen as something that ‘was needed’.

This ninja knows no equal when it comes to speed since he brags about speed that even the sound can’t keep up with. Even his character is what anyone would call ‘badass’ from the first glimpse of it. But you’re nothing but a sandbag when you’re up against the One Punch Man himself, ready to meet his fist head on no matter what you do.

The ninja thought he had an ace up his sleeve, keeping his speed all hidden in the beginning but then going all out all of a sudden. Of course, Saitama was playing along and had his hand clenched into a fist so that he retreats on his own when he feels the impact.

But, Sonic sure went all out and did that Wind Blade Kick that had the airport personnel call for a ‘bad landing’ followed by the technical issues we started experiencing out of the blue.

4. High School Boy and Literary Girl:

The Daily Lives of High School Boys is full of developments no one had seen coming.

It’s an anime that’s completely random, yet so organized that the comedy is never out of place and things never get bland even a bit. From all those different characters and encounters we saw in the show, this one’s a gem for sure.

The whole atmosphere being at the bank, sitting all alone immersed in the world of literature.

We’ve all been there haven’t we? But the thing that follows up in the show is truly something only a truly comedy genius could come up with. The follow up lines plus the expressions and the girl getting all flustered and even rolling down, crashing into Hidenori is completely out of the blue.

So is him getting up and leaving the scene followed by the one where he’s being chased by the girl for a complete misunderstanding. Literature never been so interesting and enjoyable.

3. The not-so-exciting adventures of Hero Alba from Senyuu:

An episode being 5 minutes long, there won’t be much in it right? WRONG! When it comes to Senyuu, the whole world flips in a matter of seconds.

From a completely hilarious story to being chosen as the Hero, Alba sure is excited. But having no prior experience whatsoever and being completely clueless as to what kind of ordeals await him, Alba is sure in for something he never could have imagined.

Getting stabbed over and over again, having someone crush his foot out of nowhere, just to hear from his only comrade in arm say, ‘Oh! That was me!’ is truly something that makes you go, ‘What am I even doing here?’. And that’s not all.

From interactions with Slimes and wild giraffes, being called out for having some fetishes with them to throwing out a knife to that very knife being stuck into the head of the Demon Lord to having a Loli-for Life chase you around. It’s full of interesting developments and truly something that’s completely different from what we’re normally used to.

Everything is executed really well and the comedy is surely something you’d never forget for the time to come.

2. Saiki K and his ‘friends’:

Saiki is undoubtedly an anime character that’s stuck in the wrong world. From having all those powers that can give Saitama a run for his money, he’s truly trapped in this high school setting where all he has to do is to reset the world every year. But, in the end it’s what he desires, to live a peaceful life eating coffee jellies everyday.

The Disastrous life of Saiki K is full of hilarious punch lines and developments. It features a character cast unlike anyone else.

The characters have their own individuality so there’s a good deal of character development going on as well. But the Comedy is something that makes you turn a blind eye to everything, like it’s that good.

Plus it’s really well executed with total out-of-nowhere developments that are sure to have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Having seen the roads of the Weekly Shounen Jump itself, it’s truly a series that’s worthy of all the praise it’s been getting.

1. Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon:

Gintama had a slow start. We had a samurai who carried a wooden sword go around and hit all kinds of people with it just to come across a penguin and a terrorist.

The Comedy was there but there was always room for improvement. However, as the show went on, it really went up a notch and only accelerated from there on.

The Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon is the perfect example of how Gintama has comedy of the level no other anime has ever reached before. A normal day, winter, nice weather, Why not go outside in the park and play with the snow a little?

That’s a great idea! It’s pretty normal and something each and everyone of us has done and still does to this very day. But the snow man that comes afterwards is just like the name itself.

Making no sense while being crystal clear to what it is from the glimpse of it.

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