Top 5 2020 Spring Semester anime that I want to watch


5. Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS

I really like the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Even though this one was made fun of, I still would like to see what this show is capable of. The first episode was pretty good. It’s different than the other Yu-Gi-Oh series but it might still be a good watch.

4. Kakushigoto

I really like the plot of this show. The animation also looks really cute as well.

3. Shadowverse

I really like how it’s a lot like the Yu-Gi-Oh series. I really like cardgame series so I can’t wait to see what happens.

2. Fruit Basket Season 2

I really like the idea of Fruit Basket and watched the original as one of my first anime. I need to watch the first season of this but the idea that they are continuing the story from the manga is really cool.

1. Tower of God

This is my favorite anime at the moment. This show reminds me a lot of Hunter x Hunter in the way the characters act. I would really recommend this show though.

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  1. Hi, there are some anime that makes me really want to watch it like Tower of God.

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