Top 10 Moments In The History Of Dragon Ball


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Despite being a series that started more than thirty years ago, ‘Dragon Ball’ continues to be the most popular anime of the moment. Thanks to ‘Dragon Ball Super‘, the official continuation of ‘Dragon Ball Z‘ after experiments like ‘Dragon Ball GT’, Akira Toriyama’s series continues to reach millions of homes around the world just like the first day.

On the occasion of both the film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘ and Shueshia’s 50th anniversary, the publisher that began releasing the manga has asked readers the top ten moments of the original manga. After thousands of votes, these epic and exciting moments have been selected by the public:

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10. Chapter 519: Farewell, world of dragon balls! (Farewell, Dragon World!)

Top 10 Moments In The History Of Dragon Ball
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We begin the list at the end. The last moment of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ was a slap in the face for the audience of the series. We could no longer enjoy the adventures of Goku and company. However, thanks to the optimism of Akira Toriyama, who even took the opportunity to introduce us to the character of Oob, the taste was not as bitter as one might expect.

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9. Chapter 20: A Wish for Shenlong! (Just One Wish!!)

Top 10 Moments In The History Of Dragon Ball
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Ninth place goes to one of the funniest moments of the entire series, more similar to the style of ‘Dr. Slump’, the previous Toriyama series, than to ‘Dragon Ball‘ itself. After going through a real odyssey to get the dragon balls, the piglet Oolong sneaks in to make a wish to dragon Shenlong and asks for some panties.

8. Chapter 317: Goku’s Great Transformation

Top 10 Moments In The History Of Dragon Ball Goku transformation
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One of the most exciting moments of the whole series, and undoubtedly the most surprising for fans. After Freezer kills Krillin in front of his eyes, Goku accumulates his fury and becomes Super Saiyan, a transformation never before seen (or expected).

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7. Chapters 487-503: Gotenks vs. Majin Boo

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In the final stretch of Dragon Ball Z, we were used to testing the power of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan or Piccolo. But, faced with Boo’s threat, two new characters joined the fight: the little Goten and Trunks. With a unique fusion so far, Gotenks gained a special place in the hearts of fans.

6. Chapter 182: Son Goku vs. Piccolo Jr.

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A Goku who has already hit the streak faces in the Martial Arts Tournament against Piccolo Jr, the descendant in which the evil Piccolo Daimaoh has been reincarnated. An epic confrontation to close the first arc of the anime.

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5. Chapter 143: Son Goku vs. Piccolo Daimaoh

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Before facing his son, a younger Goku starred in a brutal fight against Piccolo Daimaoh, who until Freezer’s entry was the most malevolent villain in the series. The spectacular combat was only the tip of the iceberg of the episode, which also brought with it the Dragon Fist technique.

4. Chapter 505: Vegetto vs. Majin Boo

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The last stretch of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ brought with it the popular mergers. The appearance of Gotenks was just an appetizer for what was to come: the long-awaited fusion between Vegeta and Goku. Vegetto was the product of the Pothala earrings, but also a character that would always remain in the memory of the spectators.

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3. Chapters 229-240: Goku, Krillin and Gohan vs. Vegeta

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Before becoming Goku’s ally, Vegeta was the most powerful villain of the Saiyan race. Goku was overwhelmed by his enormous power, so he had to team up with his young son Gohan and his best friend Krillin to defeat him.

2. Chapters 408-417: Gohan vs. Cell

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Little Gohan, the son of Goku who seemed never to find his moment in the series, reached the top when he faced the villain Cell. Gohan was the first to reach Super Saiyan 2, and as soon as he did, he gave his due to the enemy who had just killed his father.

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1. Chapters 321-325: Goku vs. Freezer

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After becoming the legendary Super Saiyan, Goku faced an unleashed Freezer who did not hesitate to use the worst strategies to finish off his ultimate rival. An impressive fight that every fan of the series remembers.

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