New live-action movies after Detective Pikachu?

Detective Pikachu‘ seems to be liked very much by Warner and Legendary Entertainment, so much so that they would already be preparing new films about ‘Pokémon’ before its release. The other day we echoed a possible spin-off starring Mewtwo, but new rumours point to something much more expected.

As We Got This Covered reports, sources close to Legendary claimed that the new ‘Pokémon’ film would already be in production. But the most important thing is that it would be a version of the video games ‘Pokémon Red and Blue’. That is, the first titles of the saga released in the late nineties.

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The film would therefore be based on Red (not to be confused with Ash Ketchum, the main character of the anime), a Pallet Town boy who leaves his home at the age of 10 to catch the original 150 pokémon, winning in eight gyms to get the medals, finishing off Team Rocket and finally winning the Pokémon League.

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Those of us who played the original games (or updated versions like Pokémon FireRed/Green Leaf or Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eeve) dreamed of seeing something like this on the big screen from an early age, something that we somehow got thanks to anime.

However, with the ‘Detective Pikachu‘ graphics, there are much more striking possibilities to turn the original story into a real action movie. The story needs little change to become a two-hour film, so success seems guaranteed even before you know more about it.

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  1. Detective Pikachu seems to give ideas to some ones! Let the hunt begin.

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