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Who can submit posts?

Anyone who has a great interest in anime and manga and good writing skills,.online services or sell products through other online stores like Amazon can submit their offers. Authors who want to promote products of their affiliates can also submit deals and offers.

How can I submit posts?

In order to submit posts please register if not already registered. After registration please login and navigate to Add Post option under your user menu. You will land here on this page. Please fill all the required fields. We will add your posts on publishing of your first submitted post.

How many posts can be added daily?

In order to provide our users with a variety of posts from different categories, we have a restricted number of posts to two per user per day.

Are there any charges for post-submission?

Currently, all our services are free. But it would be great if you add our site under your bookmarked list.

Please send all your queries to [email protected] in case the above information is not sufficient.

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