The Biggest Spoiler Of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’


You really can’t hold out until the premiere?

Dragon Ball Super: Brolyhas already been released in Japan. The film that recovers the villain Broly to enter the canon of ‘Dragon Ball’ has already appeared in Japanese cinemas with a spectacular public result. Nobody from the archipelago has wanted to miss the latest adventure of Goku and company. And, as it usually happens in these cases, spoilers have flown all over the net.

Although the film has not been filtered (and it will be difficult for this to happen, due to the anti-piracy measures that are carried out in Japan), some fans who have seen it have told, blow by blow, the plot of the film. Mister Kyatos, editor of Hobby Consolas and youtuber, told in a video the plot of the feature film from beginning to end.

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Among the many surprises he’s unveiled, there’s a spoiler that’s sure to please fans of the saga. We’ll unveil it below for the impatient, but if you want to be a virgin at its future premiere in U.S, I advise you not to read on.

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Still here? Good. The surprise is this: after losing against Broly in a first fight, Goku and Vegeta follow a desperate strategy to defeat him. It’s a strategy we’ve already seen in a previous film, but never within the canons. Exactly, it’s the fusion.

The characters merged through the Pothala earrings in their combat against Boo in ‘Dragon Ball Z and against Zamasu in ‘Dragon Ball Super’. But this time, they merge through the “classic” mode, the same one Goten and Trunks use to “create” Gotenks.

As a result, Gogeta appears. Also, this time it doesn’t happen as usual. It is not a fusion of a few minutes, but lasts from the moment they make it to the end of the film. Moreover, thanks to its immense power, it doesn’t take long to overthrow the titan Broly.

Undoubtedly, ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘ will bring with it a great controversy. Will this fusion convince everyone? Japanese fans classify the film as “Marvel-style” and, given the fast-paced action that appears, it’s no wonder it’s seen as a feature film more American than Japanese.

The Biggest Spoiler Of Dragon Ball Super Broly
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