Persona 5 Manga is Out With a Great Story Telling


People have long been waiting for the first installment of Persona 5 Manga Series. VIZ Media has earned the rights to publish the manga version of the game. The official twitter account of VIZ Media has announced that the series will be the first part of the the Persona 5 Manga and to be aired on 14 January, 2020.

Hisato Murasaki is the narrator of Persona 5 Manga which depicts the story of an unfortunate male character, Akira Kurusu. He finds himself in trouble when he rescues a lady from a man. The man was trying to push on her to which Akira reacted with an intention to protect her from that man. In a rage, the man got injured, ultimately causing an arrest for the main protagonist of the series. He was expelled from his school and sent to a distant place for rehabilitation. Akira Kurusu thought he was doing the right thing protecting the lady but it didn’t turn the way he wanted.

Shujin Academy in the middle of Tokyo was that school where he was enrolled. His decision to join the academy eventually landed him in trouble when he got trapped into the prison of alternate reality with his new comrade. He had to involuntarily face the castle king, a school teacher. In order to rebel the powerful castle kind, he must discover his persona that will help him getting out of the danger sight.

In a view to the trap, he awaken his power of persona and also discovers his will to rebel his enemy.

Akira Kurusu also has a mysterious app which he accidentally downloaded when he collided with a lady. He accidentally pressed something on his screen and the spooky application got downloaded.

Overall the story is magnetic if we leave the first two chapter. The start is not that influential but it grip the pace as the story progress.

When he protected the lady, it surely was his kind nature which raised hands to that lady. If you are Persona 5 game addict, the story may not be that sound as you must already be aware of the characters and other spoilers. But for manga lovers, the story may click every inch of satisfaction.

The Manga is available online on Amazon and Flipkart from where you can buy the hard copy of Persona 5 Manga English Translation.

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  1. Good news for those who cannot enjoy the game (either because of the language or because of the monumental time it requires !! 45 hours of play !!)
    Certainly a Manga will never be worth the game in itself (for Gameplay and music) but it’s always a good thing.

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