One-Punch Man Season 2 Episode 02: Saitama Fails To Take Off

Everything good about the series appears before the beginning and after the end.

One-Punch Man Season 2 Episode 02 Saitama Fails To Take Off
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One Punch-Man‘ returns a week after the premiere of its long-awaited second season. The anime that hit it in 2015 came back a few days ago, four years after it became fashionable and with a new studio behind it. However, it did so with an obvious bluff that didn’t convince the fans. Although a greater tragedy was expected than it turned out to be, the visual style evidenced a lack of work that ended up having repercussions on the narrative.

Now, Saitama has returned with a new opportunity. Although expectations were low, J.C. Staff (the new anime producer) could rise as a great successor to Madhouse with the following episodes. However, this new chapter has only highlighted a lack of rhythm in a series that should not be too difficult to structure.

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In the second episode there are two different plots (and they have nothing to do with the previous one). On the one hand, Saitama receives the visit of Hellish Blizzard, the most powerful B Class heroine. His intention is to recruit him (under threat) to act at her command within her guild, but she quickly realises that Saitama hides an incredible power behind him that makes him a friend of other heroes such as Genos or King. Like many other heroes before him, Hellish Blizzard ends up reflecting on the power and role of heroes.

On the other hand, Genos fights Sonic, Saitama’s self-proclaimed rival, when he tries to duel the anime protagonist. Once again, both warriors fight in an epic combat attempt that, unfortunately, still falls short of those we saw in the first season. The conclusion is as simple as the series is used to: Saitama meddles and Sonic realises that his power is unbearable.

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One-Punch Man Season 2 Episode 2 Saitama Fails To Take Off
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In spite of being the two roots on which the episode is composed, none of the plots manages to attract too much interest. Just as King’s presentation in the first chapter was, at the very least, curious, this time it hardly seemed like a filling chapter to fortify the hero’s personality and prepare him for the final threat. As far as the action is concerned, although it improves considerably compared to the previous episode, it is still not attractive enough to give weight to everyday scenes. But there is one thing that saves the chapter from disaster: Garou.

The character who presents himself as a monster-human manages to terrorize and deceive the audience in equal parts. He only has two small sections where he appears, those that coincide with the beginning of the episode (before the initial credits) and in the post-credit scene. But Garou doesn’t need any more to imply that very soon we could see Saitama’s final combat.

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Of course, the chapter could completely skip the middle (and supposedly important) part by keeping only the pre-credits and post-credits scenes. Garou has hardly shown anything in ‘One Punch-Man’, but it could be the salvation of a season doomed to failure.

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