Nyaruko: Crawling with Love


One boring day, I decided to attempt to binge watch a harem anime. I mean, harem animes bring a lot of ‘shipping’ to the table, lots of comedy breaks, and romance for my personal weeb preference. After all, there are many harem animes that I am a huge fan of! While surfing, I found Nyaruko: Crawling with Love. So I decided, why not!? Boy, let me tell you, I was not expecting this anime to go the way it did. Not in a bad way, but I was not expecting an anime full of characters to be LGBT. Which there is nothing wrong with LGBT love, I just hadn’t encountered a harem that could involve LGBT into a harem series. So I asked myself, how will this turn out?

The story begins with a young boy, Mahiro Yasaka, being attacked in his hometown by a beastly demon. While running for his life, he yells for someone to save him and his knight in shining armor or should I say, his future wife shows up to destroy the monster. Shocked by the turn of events Mahiro decides to invite the girl to his home and, the girl introduces herself as Nyarlathotep by the name of Nyaruko, a deity of chaos. She has been sent by the Space Defense Agency to protect him. Aliens and all other sorts of deities are after Mahiro for his level of attraction, it is up to Nyarko to ensure his safe as well as investigate any illegal alien activities. However, Nyarko took on the assignment because she fell in love at first sight when she saw a picture of Mahiro. Thus, true love trumps! Little by little Nyarko and Mahiro encounter many other aliens that want him for auctioning or other resources that he may provide, along the way they meet Kuko a Cthughan and Hasuta, a Hasturan.

For the various reasons and permission from Mahiro’s mother, the three aliens reside in Mahiro’s home and become his roommates. Things start to heat up when the four roommates are involved in a somewhat love interest mess. Nyarko is madly in love with Mahiro but he doesn’t completely love her but he doesn’t hate her either, yet there may be some slight interest (boy, he can’t make up his mind yet). Meanwhile, Kuko ( a female Cthuhan) is in love with Nyarko but the love is not reciprocated however does not stop her from becoming romantically interested in Mahiro. While Hasuta, a young Hasturan, harbors his own romantically feelings for Mahiro, unfortunately for him Mahiro only thinks of him as a brother. The series does bring a variety of sexual preference and makes the show a lot more comical than a normal harem anime.

Personally, I thought the series was worth the watch! I loved to see the diversity among the characters and their shenanigans to obtain Mahiro’s love and affection. The only downside to the series is that Mahiro is ALWAYS being saved by either of his love interest since he cannot physically defend himself from other aliens. But does not mean that the series wasn’t action-packed, don’t get me wrong, the alien trio sure knows how to kick some alien rear end. Even Mahiro’s mom knows how to protect her son in mom style. Though Mahiro does have a tendency to throw knives at the aliens, it is mostly to protect his virginity from either of Nyaruko, Kuko, or Hasuta. I do highly recommend watching Nyaruko: Crawling with Love, after all, it has one of the best anime opening songs I have watched. The introduction song was enough to get my dancing and hooked to season 1 and season 2, so give it a shot!

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