Head-To-Head: Naruto Vs Dragon Ball Z

From Cowboy Bebop to Hunter x Hunter, animation enthusiasts have a wide range of thrilling and exciting series to choose from. What is more amazing is that these anime series evolve every year, becoming more captivating. Anime makers have taken it upon themselves to make sure that we remain glued to the screen thanks to these magnetic, cartoon-like adventure series.

If you are an anime lover, you must have watched the popular series Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Well, these two adventure series have attracted heated discussions among anime fans. This brings us to the big question, which is better between Naruto vs. DBZ? Let’s find out.

Main Character

Which is better and why Naruto or Dragon Ball Z

Produced by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is regarded as one of the greatest animes of all time. The adventure series is a continuation of the Dragon Ball manga, and it relays the adult life of Goku, who happens to be the main protagonist. It is easy to identify Guko as the main character from the onset, thanks to his strong and brute nature.

On the other hand, Naruto ranks third in the best-sellers list after Dragon Ball Z. Nevertheless, analysts believe it is just a matter of time before it tops the list. The series depicts the story of a teenage shinobi (ninja) known as Naruto Uzumaki.

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Character Development

Originally, Goku was sent by his extraterrestrial Saiyan race to conquer the earth. However, after a brain injury, he forgets about his mission and goes out of his way to defend the earth instead. Goku with his companions face several battles fighting all kinds of villains, including androids, conquerors, space fighters and magical creatures. From the onset, Goku emerges as a strong protagonist, but he doesn’t have any predefined goals or ambitions. This is one of the greatest shortcomings of Dragon Ball Z.

The storyline in the Naruto series is somehow similar to Dragon Ball Z’s. Essentially, both characters fight all kinds of demons, aliens and androids. However, unlike Goku, Naruto has great character development, keeping viewers glued to their screen with his hyperactive personality. He has big dreams of one day becoming the Hokage, unlike Goku who is ambitionless.

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The Fights (Naruto Vs Dragon Ball Z)


Fights will always be part of most anime adventure series, and both Naruto and Dragon Ball Z never run out of enough brawls to talk about. However, Naruto seems to have better fights than Dragon Ball Z. The brawls are more intelligent and tactical, meaning that weaker characters can overcome strong opponents with smart moves and quick thinking. This is not the case with Dragon Ball Z. The fight scenes in DBZ are based on who is more powerful than the rest. In essence, a strong character always wins thanks to their brute strength. Even though the fights are relatively exciting, they are extremely predictable, and this removes the spark from Dragon Ball Z. For this reason, all accolades go to Naruto for this.

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It is rare for animation characters to die. However, some main characters in both Naruto and Dragon Ball Z do die during the series. The deaths in DBZ, in particular, are tailored to work up your emotions and make you feel extremely sad. Nevertheless, the dead characters somehow resurrect in subsequent episodes with the help of special dragon balls. In Naruto, if a character dies, then they won’t resurrect except for Kakashi and Gaara who resurrect in subsequent episodes. Moreover, the deaths in Naruto are not as emotional as depicted in Dragon Ball Z.

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So, which is better between Naruto vs. Dragon Ball Z?

Choosing the winner in this duel is extremely difficult considering the fact that each anime series has its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, anime lovers have different tastes and opinions as far as selecting their favorite series is concerned. Some people love the old-school Dragon Ball Z while the younger fans are hardcore followers of Naruto. Some viewers won’t mind sitting on the fence on this as both series guarantee loads of fun and entertainment.

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We would love to go with Naruto as the best anime series. The adventure series has a huge following even among female fans. However, we cannot overlook the significance of Dragon Ball Z in the world of animation. For this reason, we live it up to you to choose the best anime between the two.

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  1. Goku came on Earth to conquer it????????!!!!!!! Wtf, His father Bardock sent him to Earth to protect Goku from dying after planet Vegeta was being destroyed by Frieza.
    The writer or the admin must see the anime before giving the most retarded comparison.
    The fights are predictable??????????!!!!!!!!! The fight with Cell was an emotional roller coaster, wtf are you talking about bro?

  2. Wait….did u just say deaths in naruto are not that emotional ??
    Dude..u really need to watch the whole series…..Eg. Death of Jiraiya and Itachi, they are going to make u cry for the whole day….

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