Boruto: Next Generations’ pauses for the new series.
Since the ‘Naruto’ manga ended in 2014, the story has continued through his son, Boruto. ‘Boruto: Next Generations‘ is the anime that has been broadcasted since 2017, but during the last year has brought dozens of bad reviews that had jeopardized its broadcast.

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Seeking to surprise the public with new sap, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (where the original manga is published) has announced a change of course for the manga. As of February 10, the publication of ‘Boruto’ will be momentarily abandoned to give way to ‘Naruto Shinden‘. The same will happen with the anime, by the hand of Pierrot Studios.

This new series (whose name means “Naruto Nueva Historia”) will adapt the homonymous novels in three independent adventures. The first of these stories will star Sasuke and his daughter Sarada Uchiha, the second by Naruto and his family and the third by Shikamaru.

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The story of ‘Naruto Shinden’ is set after Momoshiki’s storyline and before the Ninja Bandits’ arch. It is not clear whether they will pause the story to continue with the chapters or try to integrate them into it, but in any case they will try to regain the lost fame through the main characters of the series.

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  1. I think they should have stopped after Naruto shippuden, the rest is a real disaster

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