My Top 5 Games Series as of July 2019


Just thought that it would be fun to do a top 5 game series that I like.

5. Harvest Moon

This game is about farming and daily life of a farmer. What i like about these games are the fact that you can befriend the characters and even marry some as well. Some of these games let you have babies and watch them grow up.

4. Pokemon

Pokemon was one of my first anime games on the Nintendo DS. The game was Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I actually got both for Christmas because my dad didn’t know to get only one. After playing those games, I have gotten every Pokemon game since then. Some of my favorites are Diamond, Sun, Black and Let’s Go. Can’t wait for the new games to come out on the Switch!

3. Sims

When I was a kid, I was actually scared of the Sims because of the videos that I saw about the weird glitches. A few months later though I realized that it only happened when you use mods, so I played the game. I started with the Sims 3 and bought the Sims 4 when it came out. I then got the Sims 2 for free when they gave it out to people that bought the game, and I did for a dollar. I really like the idea about playing with life and can make lots of cool characters and even make a family.

2. Danganronpa

I really like these games, the story is really good and the characters are all unique as well. The game is about high school students that have super powers that can help them in a certain subject. These students are then trapped in a school and are forced to kill each other. I really liked the fact that it is a visual novel with a trial as well. Tons of twists and turns as well.

1. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games now. I really like the story and all of the characters. All of the Disney and Final Fantasy characters are really cool to see as well and have them in my party. I never actually finished a Kingdom Heart game except the 3rd one.

These are my favorite games at the moment. I really hope to play more games in the future so there might be a lot more game series that I like in the future.

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