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Have you ever wondered what would happen when card games could change the world, or if seven millennium items could let someone control the whole world? Well all that happens and more in the anime Yu-gi-oh. Now, I know that there are many different ways to watch this show, I watched it dubbed at first when the channel CW4kids was still being aired on the TV. Now I learned that the dub was not the best so I am watching the show subbed now as well, but since the dub is what I grew up with, I will review the dubbed version.

The Yu-gi-oh anime was made in 2000 and became a good rival to the Pokemon anime and card game.


The story of Yu-gi-oh is a long one, first starting out with a boy named Yugi who loves games, he and his friends love the game duel monsters and play it all the time. One day Yugi’s rival Kaiba overheard the mention of a rare card that Yugi’s grandpa has. Kaiba takes the card and then challenges Yugi to a game. If only Yugi knew that this battle would change the path that life was taking him. With Yami by his side, Yugi battles many tournaments and even ancient Egypt to save the world.

Speaking of ancient Egypt, there are also seven certain items called Millennium Items that many characters have. These items even help them win games and is an important plot point in the show.


Kaiba, Yugi and Joey

There are a lot of characters Y-gi-oh series, from people the main characters duel to the main characters themselves. All the characters are unique from the cards they use to the style of their hair and clothes. Some characters I liked while some I did not, I really liked most of the characters except in the first season there were some bad ones.

Sound and Animation

The reason why I put these two together was because there is a lot to talk about the 4kids company when it comes to the sound and some animation errors. First the sound was OK, it is not the best dubbed, but not the worst either. The company tried to make this show pg as possible so a ton of words were removed or improvised. One example is the use of the “Shadow Realm” in the dubbed. In the subbed this place did not exist though and the people actually died.

The animation was just ok also, like with the dubbed the use of guns and violence were not shown. It does look really weird though to see people holding invisible guns or to see punch marks on characters that were never hurt. All these things could of been made better if another company made it, that is why I think that the subbed could be better.


I really liked this show ever since I was a kid and still watch it to this day. Even as the series continue, the first one will always be my favorite. I know that this show is not for everyone though and that many people will have different opinions, but as someone who grew up watching this show, I can saw that this is my all time favorite.

7.5 Total Score

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