My Review of W’z


The squeal to Hand Shakers.


Since I didn’t actually watch Hand Shakers yet, this review will only be about what I thought of W’z with no prior knowledge. The anime takes place where people can go to another world by holding hands with the opposite sex. The people who can go to that world are called Hand Shakers. The main character has the power to enter the whole with anyone though while others can only go with one person. He can take anything into that world as well.


Araki is the main character and has the special ability. He chooses Haruka as his partner though and they end up falling in love. A lot of the characters from Hand Shakers were there as well.


I really liked the animation of the other world. The rest of it was just ok though. The opening was good as well.


This show was ok, but not one I would recommend. I give this show a 5.5 out of 10.

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