My Review of Sonic The Hedgehog Movie


I have always liked Sonic games, even though I never finished one yet. I really like the cartoons also, but a live-action movie seemed kind of weird at first. The movie is actually really good though.


The movie had a lot of things that were in the Sonic games as well. Sonic had to find his rings that he dropped on earth while Dr. Robotnic tries to kill him. The story was pretty good for a Sonic movie.


Sonic was actually really good for a live-action version of him. I also really liked how they did Dr. Robotnic as well. The main guy other than Sonic was good as well.


I really liked the songs that they used in this movie. The CGI was cool as well.


The Sonic movie was good. I really want there to be another one though since Tailes came in at the end. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

9 Total Score

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