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I am back! Sorry, I haven’t been doing many reviews, school has been hard. I am still doing review though!

Who knew that a camera could change someone’s life completely? Well, that happens in the anime Photo Kano. When the main character is given a camera by his dad, his whole world changes and he gets his own harem.


The story of this show is that the main boy gets a camera and takes pictures of all the girls. The girls then fall in love with them. Other than that, there is no real story though. Each episode had the main character fall in love with a different girl. I liked some of the episodes while others I didn’t.


Kazuya Maeda is the main character that was given a camera, this camera led him to join a club where they take photographs of girls in sexy poses. This is a harem anime after all. He meets lots of girls and takes pictures of them for the club, one of them was even his sister.

All the girls have their own personality so they don’t seem as bland as other harem girls. I liked some of them but not all which is ok. I really liked how they had an episode or two for each girl instead of all at once.

Sound and Animation

The music was ok, not great but still pretty good. The same could be said for the animation.


This anime was not that good and was just another, regular harem anime. I would not recommend this one.

3 Total Score

User Rating: 1.5 (2 votes)
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  1. Danke für das alles ich hatte mir vorgenommen diesen Anime anzuschauen. Und der Trailer so wie die Amv’s haben mir nicht so gut gefallen
    Nochmals danke für die Review

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