My Review of My Sims Party DS


A fun game with many different minigames.


There is no real story to this game. Its just a bunch of different mini-games.


You can actually create your own characters in this game. this is really fun and I usually put one skill at max and doing that helps you win mini-games that require that stat. The rest of the chatterers are basic My Sims characters.


There are some minigames that I loved while others I didn’t. A lot of the matching games were fun like the ice cream one and a science one. I didn’t like the cutting clothes game or that dinosaur one. I did like most of them though.


I really liked the controls for the game except for the mini games that use the mic.


I still like this game and its fun to play when your alone. I give this game a 8 out of 10.

8 Total Score

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