My Review of My Hero Academia Season 4


The heroes are back yet again in season four of My Hero Academia.


The heroes are here once again. This time some of the students get to study with real heroes. Deku and Mirio beat another new villain named Overhaul and saves a kid that Overhaul was taken hostage. They then have a school festival and then another fight happens and Endeavor becomes the new number 1 hero.


Deku and his friends are back again! they beat a new villain named Overhaul and save Eri. Endeavor becomes the number 1 hero with the help of Hawk. Mirio plays a big role as well. I really liked Endevers character growth and how he learns to be the top hero. Deku has character development as well.


I liked the opening and ending of this show. The animation was good as well.


I really liked this season except for the boring parts at the end. I will give this show an 8 out of 10.

8 Total Score

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