My Review of My Hero Academia Season 1


People with powers suddenly appeared all over the place and it’s up to heroes to save the world. That is why there is a school to train young heroes now and prepare them for the future.


The story is about a young boy that doesn’t have any superpowers/ He gets superpowers from his favorite hero and goes to a school to become a hero as well. This show is really popular and its fun to see a school full of heroes as well.


This show has a full cast of cool characters. From the main character Deku who is nice to Bakugo, who is mean. There are good and bad personalities all throughout the show.


I really liked the songs in this show. The animation was ok, but not the best.


In the end, this show was pretty good. Not the best though. That is why I gave this show a 7 out of 10.

7 Total Score

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