My Review of My Hero Academia Movie 2: Heroes Rising


The students in 1A are back again! This time they are in a movie. I really liked seeing them in an actual theater. I saw this movie on the day it came out but have only been able to review it now.


The cast of My Hero Academia goes to an island to take care of the villagers there. There were never any villans there before but now villans came to the island and it is up to the heroes to save the villagers.


The main characters are back with new villain characters. I really liked how the movie showed everyone’s powers, even including when dark shadow goes beserk, which was only shown in one episode before this. There is also character development between Deku and Bakugo as well.


I really liked the animation in this movie. When the movie first started I could tell that the animation was a lot better than the tv show. The songs were good as well.


The movie was really good! I will give it a 10 out of 10. This movie is definitely worth a watch if you have seen My Hero Academia.

10 Total Score

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