My Review of Idol Incidents


Did you even want to work for the Government, but work as an idol at the same time? well this is common in Idol Incidents. This show made in 2016 ran for a total of 12 episodes. This show shows us that anyone can make a difference in the world.


The story of this show is about the main character that lives in the country, is chosen to be an idol in the city. So she makes friends with other idols and preforms concerts.

At the same time however, the people in charge do not like that politicians are also idols, so they make a plan to have them fail. Do the idols have enough power to overcome them and save the city?


The main character named Natsuki, is from a small village but always liked to sing and dance. She was so exited to be an idol even though it meant leaving the village and moving to the city.

Her Idol partner Shizuka, had a hard time being partners with anyone before. the only one that she can be partners with is the main character. They don’t start out as friends at first but becomes close friends in the end.

Sound and Animation

The songs in this show were OK, I have heard better but for a show like this it was good. The dancing animation was pretty good compared to other idol anime.


This show was OK, there were better idol shows that I have seen. I did kind of liked the idea of there being different idol groups though that competed and ended up being together for a song or two. I would recommend this show to any idol fans out there.

5 Total Score

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