My Review of Hannah Montana the DS game


This game was actually really hard for a kids game and there was really no point in the end either.


People keep sending Miley stuff saying that they know who she really is, so it’s up to you to go on a ton of fetch quests to find who the culprit is. This game has three chapters that are pretty much all the same.


The game is controlled using the stencil. I found it hard to use and tedious. I got lost in the building layouts like the mall a lot also.


All the main characters from the tv show are there. They do feel pretty bland though since not a lot of story happens in the game.


The minigames were boring. I didn’t like how the skateboarding was mandatory in the main story. The games pretty much get repetitive.


This game was made for a younger advance, but I still think that any kid would find this game too hard. I give this game a 2.5 out of 10.

2.5 Total Score

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