My Review of Gakuen Alice


Have you ever wanted to have an ability that is special compared to everyone else or wanted to go to a school for that power? these questions are not hard for these kids in the series Gakuen Alice. This show was made in 2004 and is one of the cutest shows ever.


The story of Gakuen Alice is about a girl that tries to find her friend. Her friend ended up being a person with a special ability to make inventions. The main character goes to the school anyway and finds out that she has an ability as well. Even though she did not know what it was until later in the show, she learned that it is not always about someone’s abilities but instead about their personality.

Lots of things happen in these 26 episodes, from kidnapping to gaining a star, the story can go on and still be great, but with all great stories, they have to come to an end, and even though the ending was pretty bad, it still was a good show overall.


The world of Gakuen Alice is full of many colorful and unique characters. They all look so different even thought they have to wear the same uniform. they all have different alice’s also so there personalities are unique. This show has many characters that come to life on the screen. They have many alices in the show, from reading minds to controlling fire. Any character in this show would make a great main character instead of the main girl.

Character development is also a thing that happens in this show. One way is how the main girl that starts out with no stars, actually earns one in the middle of the show. Another one I can think of is the relationship between the main girl and Natsume. The two characters did not like each other at first, but slowly became friends in the end.

Sound and Animation

The opening song to this show is really cute, but could drive people insane hearing it for 25 episodes. I never actually watched the ending though because I didn’t like the song and animation. The animation in the show is good though, with a childish atmosphere to it.


I really liked this show in the end and really wish that it had a second season. There were many things that I liked, well except the ending, and hope that they would of continued it. I really would recommend this show if you like childish shows that are not too child like. Its a cute show and many more people should watch it.

6.5 Total Score

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