My Review of Final Fantasy VII Remake


I really like Final Fantasy games even if I don’t finish them. Also, the movie Advert Children is what started my love for Final Fantasy so of course, I was excited to see a new game come out that features Cloud and Sephiroth.


The story is about Cloud and a group called Avalanch taking down reactors and destroying Shinra. They go to different sectors to gather info and even storm into the main Shinra building. They then save Aerith and fight Sephiroth.


The controls were hard to remember at times. A lot of the time u couldn’t be able to tell what happened to my map or press x instead of using the sword. The controls were good other than that though.


Cloud is the main character and his main goal is to fight Sephiroth. Arith is a girl that helps him along with the team Avalanch.

Cut Scenes

I really loved the animation in the cutscenes. They were really well made and fit the story.


I really liked this game. The Sephiroth fight was my favorite fight in the game. can’t wait till the next one comes out. I give this game a 10 out of 10.

10 Total Score

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