My Review of Daily Life of High School Boys


This anime is just the daily life of high school boys, well at least that is what it says. The anime has a lot of things that seem crazy for a daily life though.


The story is just about highschool boys and their daily life. It’s really funny to see what they do though. There is no real plot to this show though. Even though there is no plot, this show is still really funny and worth a watch if you like comedy anime.


There is a big cast of characters in this show. I like how different they all are and the way the different characters act to each other and different situations. I really liked the high school girls as well and how they tormented the boys. I just thought it was different from most anime where the high school girls are nice.


The opening and ending were good but did get annoying after a while. The animation was ok but not as good as what it could be.


This show was fun to watch. Not as good as other comedy anime though. I will give this show a 7.5 out of 10.

7.5 Total Score

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