My Review of Clannad


This show is a classic when it comes to sad anime. Even though it’s sad, it was not as sad as I thought it would be, heard that season 2 is sadder though.


The story is about a girl that wants to start a drama club and a boy that falls in love with her. Along the way, they meet other girls with sad backstories and help them. This series is really popular for being a sad series.


Nagisa is the girl that wants to perform a play and to do that she makes the drama club. Tomoyo is the boy that helps her. They meet many characters along the way including a ghost girl named Fuko who loves starfish. They all have character development as well.


I really liked the opening and ending of this show. I love the animation as well. The ending is my favorite out of the two though, its just so cute.


I really liked this show. it’s not as sad as I thought it would be though and that’s good since I don’t really like sad series. I will give this show a 10 out of 10.

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