My review of Chio’s School Road


Chio is a normal high school girl that just wants to stay unpopular. She usually gets into situations where that doesn’t happen though and does things that most high schoolers don’t do, like climb buildings.


This series is about a girl who likes video games. She loves video games so much that she does some of the things in the games in real life as well. This show does not have much of a plot but still a nice and funny show to watch.


Chio and her friend are introverts and try to avoid people at all costs. They meet other weird characters as well. One even has a crush on her and used to be in a bicycle gang. This show has a tone of personality with its characters.


I really liked the opening of this show. Didn’t care for the ending that much though. The animation was pretty good also.


The show is cute and something to watch when you want to watch a funny anime. I give this show an 8.5 out of 10.

8.5 Total Score

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