My Review of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 1


A group of people with powers form a detective agency. I really like this show because of all the cool powers that the characters have. I actually showed this anime on discord to some friends.


People with superpowers form a group of detectives. The main character has the power that everyone wants and has to fight to stay alive. They also solve mysteries as well.


The main character had some character development throughout the season. I really liked how the members are so different but still make a great team. The evil characters are cool as well.

I really liked Dazai, he was my favorite character. It was funny to see all the different ways he wanted to kill himself but none actually worked as he wanted it to.


I loved the opening and ending of this show. The animation was good as well.


I really like this show and need to watch the other seasons. I didn’t like how the show does not really have an ending for the first season though and just continues onto the second season. I will give this anime an 8 out of 10.

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