My Review of 07 Ghost


Have you ever experienced the passing of a loved one? In the show 07 ghost, Teito experiences this and all the hardships that come after. He then seeks revenge on the killer and works hard to achieve that dream.


07 Ghost is about a boy who learns how to grieve over a friend’s death and become strong enough to kill the person who did it in the process. Even though we don’t see the epic fight between him and the antagonist, there is still a lot of story and character development.


The characters are all unique and very different personalities. The main character has a lot of character development as well. If the series continued then I think that there would be more character development with the main character and he could learn about the bishop’s secret as well.


I really liked the songs in this show. The animation was pretty good as well.


This show had some really unique ideas. The ending was not good though. I will probably end up reading the manga just to find out what happens after the anime finished. This anime gets a 6.5 out of 10.

I am always open to suggestions on anime to review so please comment any if you have any good ones!

6.5 Total Score

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