Free KissAnime Alternatives: 14 Best Streaming Sites For Anime Fans

Are you an anime series lover? If yes, you probably know KissAnime. This is because KissAnime is an impeccable anime streaming site that offers a wide range of high-quality videos.

The website is popular among millions of people since they enjoy cost-free animes without having to sign up or even undergo any unique procedures to access its content.

However, signing up lets you come up with a list of your favorite videos, which you can share with your friends. Compared with other websites with huge database, KissAniime uploads videos consistently.

With stiff business competition in this modern time, websites with similar content to KissAnime have cropped up. In this article, we have sampled top 14 KissAnime alternatives that you can try today.

14 KissAnime Alternative Streaming Sites To Try In 2020

1. Animelab


Like KissAnime, AnimeLab features thousands of hot anime shows at absolutely no cost. However, the platform is strictly available to anime lovers in Australia and New Zealand. We hope they will make the site available to other countries soon enough.

For convenience, AnimeLab is normally supported by almost all popular devices, e.g., Android, IOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox. One very useful and unique feature about this site is that it can give you details about any show by just hovering your mouse over any series thumbnail. This information includes the show overview, rating by viewers, number of episodes within the show, and if it has been subbed or dubbed. In addition, in case you need some help, they have a contact or question section where you can email them; there is always someone to assist you.

2. AnimeFreak


As the name suggests, Anime Freak is a popular KissAnime alternative for staunch anime lovers. The site lets you watch high-quality anime videos from one of the largest anime series databases at absolutely no cost. Moreover, they upload new anime movies almost immediately after they have been released.

From comedy, music, drama, to action, and many other genres, this site has got you covered. All you need is to sign up and begin watching immediately. AnimeFreak is also simple to use since it has categories for you to browse through. As such, you can view videos by latest released, alphabetical order, genre, etc. The site offers almost everything you might need.

3. Anime Planet


Anime Planet is one of the oldest and most popular websites for streaming online anime shows, just like KissAnime. The site is professionally designed and offers both old and the newest high-quality anime series with a user-friendly interface. The site has various sections such as the newest anime, most popular anime this week, recommended for you, etc.

The platform is free and lets you connect to other people who love watching not only anime shows but also manga shows, through its Anime Planet community. The details about any anime episode are also provided for reference. Although the site is user-friendly, just like other online anime sites, some ads will pop up from time to time. Other than that, this is a great place to watch your favorite anime shows.

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4. Chia-Anime


Are you experiencing some problems with KissAnime? There is no need to worry. Similar to KissAnime, Chia-Anime is considered a true KissAnime alternative as it offers a huge collection of shows, movies and videos for free. The drawback; the website interface is a bit cluttered with advertisements, making browsing through it a little difficult.

Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best alternatives to KissAnime as it even allows you to download videos, so you watch later. Chia-Anime series are both subbed and dubbed to ensure you don’t have to be from Japan to watch your favorite show or movie. The site is suitable and safe among people of all ages; feel free to check it out today.

5. Crunchyroll


Since its invention in 2006, this site is getting a lot of appreciation as it has been drawing thousands of users from all over the world. Contrary to many other KissAnime alternatives, Crunchyroll isn’t limited to anime shows alone. The platform lets you watch their anime series and other shows in several other languages other than English and Japanese.

Crunchyroll is known to offer video streaming options from Asia; such as anime, manga, music, drama and many others. They have 625 days of Officially-Licensed content and about 25,000 Anime episodes. If you don’t like watching pirated content, this is the ultimate destination for you.

However, only some of their shows are free; the site offers a blend of both free and premium content. If you don’t watch anime that often, go for the free version. You will have to purchase the premium version if you usually watch videos, movies, shows continuously. As of writing this review, the platform has more than one million paid subscribers.

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masterani-me-streaming-anime-site is a substantial KissAnime alternative as it offers all types of anime movies at no cost. The platform is nothing but everything you would need. First, accessing the site is seamless and doesn’t require any sign-ups. The only thing you are required to have is the latest version of flash player. If it gets outdated, you’ll have to download a newer version.

Apart from these special requirements, features the latest videos, and it’s effortless to use; it has absolutely nothing to confuse users. Besides, you can easily check anime shows that are about to be uploaded to the site.

7. 9Anime


9Anime is perhaps your answer if KissAnime hasn’t impressed you yet. The platform has a database with more than 26000 anime movies, shows, and videos;-which are uploaded regularly. Its videos are categorized according to the Newest, Genres, Language, Ongoing, Updates, A-Z list, type, etc. helping you find your desired shows quickly.

The site has millions of active users due to its massive database and user-friendly interface. The impressive part is that you can write to them if you don’t find your favorite anime series on the site. However, while watching a movie or series, the platform does show some ads, but then, that’s how they make money. If you love anime series in English, 9Anime let you stream HD English anime dubbed.

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8. GogoAnime

gogoanime-best-websites -anime-streaming

This is one of the best KissAnime alternatives as it grants you free access to all kinds of anime content that keep you entertained all year round. The website is continuously updated with fresh anime series ensuring you can access the latest, most popular and the rarest series.

You can either watch your favorite anime series or just download to watch later. GoGoAnime is categorized alphabetically to help users view and located what they are looking for. On their homepage, you’ll find Recent Added Series, Popular Ongoing Update, Recently Release, etc. to help you gain instant access to your favorite anime series. The platform also allows you to choose a server from numerous options to download your anime content.

9. Kuroani


This anime website makes it to this list because of its content. Kuroani is packed with not only a wide range of series in its database, but also the latest episodes of anime series. Don’t get surprised if you click something on the site and another tab opens since it runs on ads.

One great thing about this platform is that it has a schedule button where it shows a schedule of anime series yet to be released. Another thing that sets this site apart from the rest is its unique Random button. If you click the button, you’ll see a random anime series which is good for those who are in search of any new series. Just like KissAnime, Kuroani offers a great watching experience.

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10. Aniwatcher


This platform offers a vast collection of anime shows, and it’s considered a perfect alternative for KissAnime. It’s a frequently updated site with all of its uploaded anime episodes being subbed and dubbed for all users.

As a result of this continued updates, the site has a lot of new episodes. Its interface is also clean and very easy to use as it has been professionally designed into categories to help you find your favorite shows. You’ll find a complete list of all the series you might need, from ongoing series to newly added series. The site is 100% free with a hugeselection of top-notch videos.

11. AnimeHeaven


This is an incredible online anime site which will ensure your passion for anime series soars high. The site has tons of high-quality anime series; including newly released series and most popular series. The content organization in this platform is just great; you can’t compare with other websites.

English speakers are not left out as AnimHeaven provides English dubbed content. Moreover, the site is easy and straightforward to use. Aside from that, this platform has a filter button which helps you sort out your most favorite anime series. AnimeHeaven also has a library of classic and the latest cartoons.

It’s definitely a heaven for those looking for the best anime series. There is also a list on the website that shows scheduled anime series and updates you need to look out for. This ensures you don’t miss out on any newly released episode of your preferred anime movie or series. The only downside is that occasionally ads will pop up while you are watching. However, this is a great website to stream online anime series.

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12. Animenova

animenova-kissanime-best streaming-platform

Formerly known as Anime44, Animenova is an excellent alternative for KissAnime. Although it changed its name, the platform still has the same library of both old and new anime series with more updates being made on a daily basis. You’ll find a ton of anime movies, series, and dramas in addition to a library of manga; also updated consistently. Their series are in both English and Japanese; making it popular among non-Japanese speakers.

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Ideally, everything on this site is sorted, making the website very organized. However, to generate revenue, the website has a lot of pop-ups before your video starts playing. Additionally, if you don’t have enough data, you can read some exciting comic piece on the platform.

13. Otakustream


Just like KissAnime, OtakuStream is probably the most interactive platform. It’s a fansub anime website where people share both anime series and manga, for other website visitors to watch. This is possible because there is a comment section where people share their opinion and tell the site admin to upload and share their favorite anime series that may not be available on the site.

This environment is good for everyone since there are strict rule and regulation for those requesting for any series/movies. These rules help prevent inappropriate content from getting into the platform.

14. AnimeFrenzy


Like KissAnime, this site is updated with the latest and newest anime series on a daily basis. In addition, the site has American cartoon series, making its library very versatile.

AnimeFrenzy’s website content is well organized and clear of any unnecessary content for faster sorting. The site also has a random button that offers users a suggestion to any anime series for those who don’t know what they want to watch. The platform has a Google Play Store downloadable Android app to ensure you can watch movies or series with your phone. Many visitors, therefore, visit the site due to its diversity in content.


Without a doubt, watching Anime movies, series and other videos, is extremely fun. Imagine streaming non-stop anime series from the above website list? Wouldn’t it be an awesome experience? Anime lovers do understand how great it is.

We don’t deny the fact that KissAnime is the most popular anime site but what if it suddenly goes down? With this list and many other new websites, you don’t have any excuse for not watching your favorite series if KissAnime’s servers become overloaded or it suddenly goes down.

Most of these websites are licensed although others have not yet been licensed. However, almost all anime streaming sites allow you to access thousands of shows, series, and videos for free. Note that although other websites offer premium levels, others don’t have it; even if you might require more feature.

What are you waiting for? Feel free check out these sites, whether out of curiosity or just wanting to find the best KissAnime alternative. You will definitely find what you are looking for from one of these numerous sites.

If you feel there is something we left out from this Anime sites list, contact us today. We are always glad to read and act upon your comments and suggestion.

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