How to Draw Beauty and Angry Anime Step by Step


Among anime characters, you can find plenty of angry manga beauty with lovely but bitter faces. Let`s try to draw one of this intriguing figures, starting from the contours of her face. I will name her Aruka like a manga character I once watched on TV.

Start drawing with a lead pencil without pressing the paper hard as shown in the picture below. Of course, first you will draw those large distinct eyes and a little mouth characteristic of all manga girls. As you know, the chin is always a bit sharp and a nose can be just a spot like in the following pictures.


After, you will thicken the contours with a thin black marker as in the following picture and you will get an expression on a face of a cute but angry manga girl. Look closely at her eyes, eyebrows and a shape of her mouth.


Next, we’ll add her abundant hair with a few pencil strokes; you can see how in the following two pictures, just be patient. On the second picture, you can see the contours of her small soft hand, holding a strand of hair.


I advise you to draw first with a pen and after that bold the lines with a thinner marker, so everything will be just the way you want. If you make a mistake, you can always erase it.


Now, we`ll take a closer look at her big eyes. Her hair is falling on her face.

The following picture shows an enlarged part of the drawing where the tiny hand holding a stripe of hair is.


The last step is shadowing the girl’s hair, which will make it more authentic and rich. The final picture below is deliberately enlarged so you can see if you have missed something from the previous pictures.

As you can notice, her eyebrows are very distinct and black. As for her hair, the darker shading is on the top of the head, where the split is, and on the hair tails. Do not forget to take a closer look on her neck as she has a collar from the shirt.


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