How to Draw Anime Girl Character in Action


Many anime characters fight against their opponents because the main topic is always the oldest topic in the world and that is a combat of good and evil. In this chapter you will learn how to draw a young anime girl reaching her hand for something or trying to fight against someone.

As you can see in the pictures below, you will draw the lines first with a lead pencil and then bold her big eyebrows with a marker. Her mouth is open and the eyes are large as with other manga characters. Just keep your attention on the pictures and you will be able to copy the drawing. Some of the lines are a bit complex, especially regarding the eyes so it demands your full attention.


As you can see in the following picture the girl`s eyes are in the form of an irregular pentagon. You should first work on her eyes as they give an expression to the whole anime character.


The next thing we will do is to bold the lines of the face, mouth, collar and a sleeve with a thin marker. Please note that the middle of the chin of manga characters is always pointed.


Then, we will just continue to amplify the lines with a marker. As you can see in the following picture our anime girl has a tie and light, long bangs that fall over her eyes. Those are also the general futures of many anime girls.

The second picture below shows an enlarged part of the drawing where the girl`s face is so you could take a closer look. You can also see from the second drawing how to draw the hair.


We will now make her hair more distinct by shading it with a pencil as shown in the next picture.


Next, we will point our attention on the girl`s long hair falling down between her arm and a waist. You can see how to draw the sleeve too.

You should now pay attention to shading the upper part of her dress, a tie and the hair. The picture below also points out how you can draw the elbow and the arm.


On the next picture, you can see how to color her long tails of hair, as well as how to draw her little gentle hand. This way of forming a hand is very characteristic for drawing anime girls. Don`t forget the curls on the bottom of her hair.


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