How do I Clean and Maintain my Collection Figures?

Clean and Maintain my Collection Figures

To keep our Collection Figures as new as the first day, the maintenance and cleaning it’s very important. As not all cleaning products are good for cleaning our Anime Figures, we’ll show you the ultimate guide to keep your Figures collection in perfect condition. Ready to see your Figure shiny as the first day?

The Best Figures Maintenance and Cleaning Tutorial

One Piece Luffy Figure

All of us who are collectors know that cleaning well our Figures is a hideous and hard task. Dusting our Anime Figures isn’t enough to avoid the deterioration over time. If you want to keep your collection figure shining as the first day and prevent it from getting damaged over time, here are all the tips for its maintenance and the best cleaning guide for your Figures.

Anime Figures Maintenance Tips

Figure of Majin Boo from Dragon Ball Z
Figure of Majin Boo from Dragon Ball Z

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The best thing you can do so that your figures are not damaged is to give them a good maintenance. Here you have the best tips on Collection Figures Maintenance:

  • Avoid Sunlight: Never place your figure near sunlight or any heat source, such as light bulbs, stoves or radiators.

  • Keep your Figure away from Dust: Over time, dust sticks to our Figure, deteriorating its color and texture.

  • Smoke is our enemy: Just as dust, it’s best to avoid contact with smoke, such as a cigarette or any volatile substance. In order to avoid that your figure enters in contact with Smoke or Dust, the best thing are the closed glass showcases, they are not expensive and they lengthen the life of your Figure.

  • Always a Cool Environment: As we have already said, avoid heat sources and also high temperatures. These factors can make your figure oily to the touch and make it more fragile.

  • Remove Accessories: We recommend removing accessories such as swords, helmets, shields and things they have in their hands. The weight of the accessories can cause your figure to bend, since it’s been holding a weight for a long time.

  • Don’t let it come into contact with another figure: It’s normal to have our figures together, and even touching each other. But this is a mistake that almost all collectors make, the best thing for our figure is to avoid contact with other pieces of our collection, it can cause indelible marks over time.

  • Never throw away the Packaging Box: Always keep the figure’s original box, when you want to move the figure for any reason, it’s better to keep it in its original box. If someday you want to sell the Figure, you will get more money if you keep the box.

  • Keep the Accessories in their box: The extra accessories that come with the purchase of our Anime Figure, if you are not using them it’s better to leave them in the box. This way you avoid damaging them. If for any reason you can not keep the original box, keep them in airless containers or airtight bags.

Materials needed to clean Anime Figures

Do you have everything you need to clean your Figures? Here’s a list of all the materialsyou’ll need to leave your Anime Figure shiny as the first day.

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How to clean Anime Figures Collection ?

How to clean Anime Figures Collection vegeta
Figure of Vegeta and Son Gohan, from Dragon Ball Z
  1. Before starting to Clean your Anime Figure, remember that you MUST NEVER USE WATER for cleaning, as this deteriorates the material of our Figure.
  2. Use a COLD AIR dryer to remove dust from your figure – just cold air, never hot air! Hot air can damage your collector’s item.
  3. If you don’t have a Dryer, use a fine brush to remove the dust without damaging the Figure.
  4. Before disassembling your Anime figure for cleaning, put it in the freezer, the cold makes it keep the grip of the supports, and you can disassemble it without fear of breaking anything.
  5. Under no circumstances use chemicals or common cleaning products on your Figure, you could do a big damage to the color and texture of the Collection Piece.
  6. Separate your Figure from the rest of the collection before starting to clean it. If you clean it together with the others, you’ll get the rest of the Figures dusty.
  7. In Figures other than Alter, Funko PoP, Bandai, Kaiyodo, Factory, or any other recognized companies in the sector, use plastic in the movable joints of your Figure. This is due to the fact that figures that are not of good quality, spoil faster.

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What can I do to keep my Anime Figure clean?

We have explained all the tricks of maintenance and cleaning of collection Figures, but that doesn’t mean that your figure is out of any danger. If there are children or pets in your house, accidents can occur that damage your anime figures. That’s why advises you that if you want to avoid damage to your figures keep them in a collector’s showcase. Here you have all the showcases for anime figures that we recommend. All have been tested and have our quality certificate.

top 9 Best Showcases for Anime Figures.


This is the end of the tutorial, in Mai-on we hope it’ll help you. As always Takama, thank you very much for following us and if you have any doubts or questions write a comment, and as soon as possible we’ll answer you.

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