How Custom Boxes Are Made?


Are you packing your seasonal clothes? Do you plan on shifting to a new place? Have you recently started a new business? Or are you running a business of home-based food or bakery items? In all these scenarios, there is only one thing in common, and that is the need for custom boxes.

Until now, you have ordered and used thousands of cheap custom boxesbut have you ever thought of its manufacturing? How are they made? Where the companies get material from? What is the cost? What happens next when they get the raw material? How is the customization process carried out? How are the technicians able to achieve the perfect size and shape?

If you intend to start a packaging business, then this is a must-read article as it will be beneficial in various ways. It will add knowledge and how the customization process of the cardboard boxes are done.

In reality, the designing of the packaging boxes is not scary at all and is much easier and simpler. Also, it will not put a hole in your pocket. However, as a custom boxes business owner, there are quite a few things that you need to know.

What are the custom boxes?

Those boxes that can be made in any size, shape, color, and material are referred to as the custom frames. When designing and printing information or logo is becomes a customized packaging. Every single day the usage of these boxes is increasing. Apart from the dull and bland packaging, the customers now prefer to have beautiful packaging that is also pocket-friendly.

The first and foremost thing that we need to focus on is the material when manufacturing it. Picking up the right material is far more necessary than just designing it. Cardboard is the perfect material because it is robust enough to withstand the great load.

Get The Right Material

The cardboard material is a solid one and is available in both uncoated and coated. Another best feature of it is that it is light in weight and offers the best print quality. So if you have a pharmaceutical company or the cosmetic one, these boxes are the best.

When customizing the corrugated boxes with the fluted paper, you need to be precise, like whether you need one layer, two, or more. The double-layer will provide extra protection to your item when shipping than the single one. These boxes make a perfect packaging item for cartons, e-commerce, and shipping boxes.

Next the Printing Process

Once you have decided what style will be perfect for your boxes, then comes the printing. In this process, you need to be specific as it will play a major role in the success of your business. So the presentation matters a lot. You need to be specific and particular about designing and printing.

Concentration on the Artwork

After choosing the right box, material, printing, now its time to get the designing software. When designing your box, you can use a template or a 3D designing box. If you cannot afford the expensive design software, then 3D designing software is your best buddy. This includes the Dieline templates that enable you to choose the correct fonts, design, alignment, and colors.

Text & Typography

After deciding on the design, next comes the deciding on the artwork. There should not be any crop or cut lines. You need to be careful when picking the font, color, and contrast because it matters a lot. You surely do not want to end up with a smaller text.

So remember these points. When printing the corrugated material boxes, the typing size must be 10pt. For paperboard, it should be 6pt because it goes under several processes because you can use it for your business. Also, bold colors and text look perfect on the custom boxes wholesale.

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