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How Vinyl Figures Are Made?

Have you bought a Funko PoP Vinyl figure? In we want to help you have your figure as the first day, for that reason, if you want to know what are the vinyl figures, how they are made, what maintenance and cleaning do they need, this is your website!

Best Vinyl Figures Funko POP:

What are Vinyl Anime Figures?


They are Anime Figures made with Vinyl, one of the most used materials to make objects. It isn’t the best material, but being very cheap and easy to mold, companies use it to lower costs in figures to scale, as they don’t get the same details as with PVC. The Anime Fake Figures are usually made with this material, for that reason they don’t get to have the quality of the Original Figures.

Characteristics of Anime Vinyl Figure


The main characteristic of Vinyl Anime Figures is that they are very cheap. This is because very thin sheets can be made thanks to Vinyl, and this makes them have a cheaper cost of manufacture. The pirate counterfeits that we have all bought once, are usually created with this material for its low cost. Another important feature of Vinyl Figures is their feel, very similar to common plastic, but softer and more pleasant to the touch. The majority of figures made of vinyl are intended for children or young people and are usually at large scales, as they don’t offer the printing quality of other types of materials.

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Maintenance of Vinyl Manga or Anime Figures:


As we have explained before vinyl is one of the most sensitive materials out there. When overcoming a source of heat of 30 degrees the anime Figure already begins to worsen, the color goes away and bulges appear. Vinyl Anime Figures don’t last as long as PVC figures, that’s why as the years go by they lose color. The best maintenance you can do to a vinyl figure is to keep it away from any source of heat, and keep it clean of dust, as it sticks to the figure, worsening its feel.

Funko PoP The Maximum Exponent of Vinyl Figures.

Vinyl figures have become a classic in our collection. Since its appearance many are the brands that have turned to make these figures, but there is a company that has stood out from the rest, the brand Funko, with its successful line Funko PoP.


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