“You’ll need a Senzu seed after you see it.”
Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘ is rocking wherever it goes. In Japan, where it premiered last December 14, it caused huge queues in cinemas and sold tens of millions of dollars in its premiere. In Latin America, its figures have been even more encouraging. And, although there are still a couple of weeks until it reaches Spain, it has also landed in the United States, where it has triumphed once again.

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For the North American premiere, reviewer Rotten Tomatoes has updated the film’s page, and the numbers speak for themselves. The first specialized critics have given it 81% out of 100, and the audience has reached 93%.

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Critics’ consensus: ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ may seem like a colorful chaos to newcomers, but lifelong fans will see him reach his action-packed heights.

One by one, critics have given a similar opinion about the film:
“‘Broly’ offers exactly what Dragon Ball fans want from a show; newcomers can get lost at times” – Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

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“Broly’s movie offers the fastest action of all Dragon Ball movies to date, and that alone is worth the ticket price” – Phillip Martinez, Newsweek

“‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly‘ is a dream come true, with an impressive animation and a surprisingly deep story about the parallels between our heroes, their enemies and the people in between” – Brandon Zachary, Comic Book Resource
“It’s a drag and drop battle between the greatest fighters in the series, a real sight for the eye. You will need a Senzu seed after seeing it” – Dave Trumbore, Collider

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