Detective Pikachu‘ is Pokémon’s riskiest bet for years, and also the one that is attracting the most attention among its followers. The film, which will be released in cinemas on May 10, 2019, has not left anyone indifferent, especially fans of the franchise. But what exactly do we know about the feature film?

What will it be about?

The official synopsis of the film is as follows:

“Tim Goodman arrives in Ryme City to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father in the city. Along the way, he meets a talking Pikachu, although he is the only one who can understand him. The two of them will work together to solve this great puzzle alongside reporter Kathryn Newton and her Psyduck”.

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From what we saw in the first trailer, Ryme City is a futuristic city, cyberpunk style, famous for establishing a great “harmony between humans and pokémon”. Tim Goodman, the protagonist of the story, travels there in search of his missing father, who was a legend in the city.

Everything changes when he meets Pikachu and discovers that, like Dr. Dolittle, he is the only one who can understand him. Knowing his capacity as an investigator, they join forces to solve the mystery that will take them on an adventure throughout the region.

We also know that Tim is frustrated because, as a young man, he wanted to be a Pokémon trainer and, as he himself says, “it didn’t go very well”. In his room he has a poster of a championship held in Sinnoh, the fourth-generation ‘Pokémon’ region. So the story unfolds in the canonical world of the franchise.

Warner Bros.

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Where does the story come from?

Detective Pikachu‘ is based on the homonymous video game released for Nintendo 3DS on 3 February 2016. At first it was only released in Japan, but two years later it was released in the West. The story of the game starts from the same premise: a talking Pikachu who, despite not being as powerful as many of his kind, is very intelligent and a great detective, meets Tim Goodman, the only one able to understand him, and they form a team to solve crimes.

However, the video game doesn’t feature the plot of Goodman’s father, which has apparently been reserved for the film. On the other hand, the game is full of small independent mysteries that, like Sherlock and Watson, are being solved by Goodman and Pikachu.

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Who’s behind all this?

The film is a joint production of Legendary Entertainment, The Pokémon Company and Warner Bros. Pictures. The distribution has been left in charge of Warner Bros all over the world except Japan, where the production company Toho (famous for Godzilla movies and other similar monsters) is in charge of its commercialization.

The director chosen for the film was Rob Letterman, famous for the adaptation to cinema of ‘Nightmares‘ in 2015, the animated film ‘Monsters Against Aliens‘ and ‘Gulliver’s Journeys‘. The script was written by Nicole Perlman (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘First Man’) and Letterman himself. Produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter, the soundtrack was composed by Henry Jackman (‘Kick-Ass‘, ‘Kingsman: Secret Service‘, ‘Captain America: Civil War‘).

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The most striking figure in the cast is Ryan Reynolds, protagonist of ‘Deadpoolwho has given voice to Pikachu in the English version. The protagonist of the feature film is Justice Smith (‘Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom‘). They are accompanied by stars Kathryn Newton (‘Lady Bird’), Japanese Ken Watanabe (‘Origen‘) and singer Rita Ora.

Also revealed is the concept artist behind the film, RJ Palmer. In his Instagram account, impressive images of what some pokémon would look like in real life are often uploaded.

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Which pokémons will appear in the film?

Hundreds of pokémons will appear in the film, but some of them will be more important than others. At the moment, the most important ones we’ve seen are the following:


He is the protagonist of the film and will therefore have an obvious weight in the film. We’ll probably see other Pikachu along the way.

Warner Bros.

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He is the companion of Lucy Stevens, the journalist who will be alongside Tim Goodman throughout the film. From the looks of it, he’ll still be as silly as in the original anime.

Warner Bros.


It may not be very relevant within ‘Detective Pikachu’, but the social networks have gone crazy with the Jigglypuff appearing singing in a karaoke, as angry as ever and with hair included.

Warner Bros.


The pokémon ninja par excellence appears, as a minimum, in triplicate, and apparently it will be an enemy that will chase the protagonists.

Warner Bros.

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Mr. Mime

The creepiest of all the pokémon appearing in the trailer is Mr. Mime, whom the protagonists will interrogate in search of Tim’s father.

Warner Bros.


Probably at the climatic moment of the feature film, Pikachu will face an all-powerful Charizard. May God find him confessed.

Warner Bros.


So far we have seen other species of pokémon such as Dugtrio, Charmander, Fearow, Pachirisu, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. But I’m sure there are many more who will be accompanying the viewers during the film.

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