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With a gripping tale of deceit and intrigue that keeps masses at the edge of their seats from the beginning to the end, Death Note has a level of hype that can be closely related to that of Naruto. The show is deemed a must-watch’’ for all anime fans.

Death Note is a Japanese manga series that was released in the 2006 and quickly become one of the best if not the best anime of its time. On My Anime List, Death Note has a rating of over 8.6/10. It has a very interesting premise that led to its debut bringing forward a good number of mediums, including an exclusive movie with Netflix.


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Have you ever competed against a worthy opponent? If no, here is a rare show based on such an occurrence. Death Note kicks off with a notebook falling from the sky right into the hands of Light Yagami. Anybody who writes his/her name on the book is capable of killing any human who is pictured in his/her mind. Light realizes that Shinigami (god of death) does exist and that he can use the notebook to kill people by writing their names on the Death Note pages. He goes to seek the attention of his counterpart, L, leading to an intricate match between them as they try to prevent the criminal Killer “Kira.”

The Story of Death Note

This is a unique story that juxtaposes humans and the Shinigami. The Ryuk (the main Shinigami) is made to toss his Death Note to the humans becomes he is bored with his world. With the world having a lot of people worth killing, Light decides to take Kira’s persona and get rid of such people. However, for the viewers, this presents a highly controversial theme on justice and morals. Is it right to kill those who do wrong, and might do wrong again? Can these people be reformed?

Light aims to cleanse the world and set everyone straight by prevent them from committing any crimes. This causes people to inquire who the real killer is, what triggers his actions and is he doing a bad or good thing by killing these people.

The story develops quite well with Light facing many opponents in subsequent seasons. Nonetheless, I feel that this story is a little bit dragged out. Moreover, the end wasn’t what I had anticipated; it felt a little bit short of overwhelming to me. Nonetheless, it was pretty solid!

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In addition to a robust and superb story, Death Note has some of the most fantastic characters. At times, I find it unbelievable that Light/Kira met such a large number of characters. From getting his father involved in the mix of finding out who the real Kira is to an entire episode dedicated to Naomi Misora, who later comes to find out that actual intent of Kira just before her death.



There is not much I can say about this show’s sound, but it kept me alert throughout the story since it’s used quite well; Madhouse totally pulled it off well with Death Note. Although underrated, this sound has had a significant impact on the show.


In as much as you can’t compare any anime in 2019 with that of 2006, it was just fantastic for its time. The dark colors perfectly suit the anime as well as what it means. The scenery and charters have also been done well. However, in terms of the animation, there wasn’t much. There was a lot of talking with most of the scenes being very flat.

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In general, Death Note is an anime I enjoyed. This is because I couldn’t stop watching it as its cliffhangers were just amazing. There is only one thing I’d like to criticize; it’s ending. Personally, I felt the ending was a bit unfinished, and after the time skip, I’d love to see Kira and the society’s effect on it. Nonetheless, my rating on Death Note is 9.0 Out of 10!

What is your take my rating? Do you agree with me? Do you think I missed out on something that anime wanted to convey? What is your rating? Feel free to leave your comment, suggestion, like or a thumbs up below.

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