Top 30 Most Watched Animes Of All Times!


For those top watched animes, which we see practically everywhere, and which are usually the ones your friends recommend the most or which you always find in top lists, I bring you this list of best animes that we’ve all seen.

Best Animes Series

You surely know these, since lately they’ve become the most popular animes, or because fandom holds them in very high esteem, or also because they’ve gained a few enemies or skeptics all around the world.

If you’re looking for the best and most famous animes, you’ll find them here.

Get ready to be dazzled, because I’ll show you a list of the most seen animes of all times.

1 – Dragon Ball Series

The first of the Big 4, which became a shone trend. If anyone didn’t see dragon ball, they didn’t have a childhood, as simply and plainly as that.

By far, it isn’t the most seen anime, even though Dragon ball super is gaining more strength and popularity than it already had.

Whether you love or hate their animations, you simply can’t surf the internet searching for an anime chapter without seeing this title on a top ranking list or an episode review.

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2 – Naruto


This anime is second in the Big 4, and still holds a prominent position. You’ve surely seen or heard of it, and it’s a strong competitor against Dragon Ball; there are loads of reviews and videos about which is better.

I confess that I love this anime, I followed it from its first season; and even with all the fluff one could find in each episode, it was still an epic anime, no matter how many people say the opposite.

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3 – Bleach


Third place in the Big 4, and whose end raised a lot of controversy in fandom. As a good shone anime, it’s overloaded with power-ups, and one will always find numerous criticisms about the manga’s end.

Despite that, we must remember what makes Bleach special, amazing fights and animations, a very particular protagonist and a good plot that gained it more than one fan.

4 – One Piece


The fourth crown of the Big 4, and which doesn’t seem to be wrapping up any time soon.

How epic this anime is can only be compared to the manga’s length, we’ve seen Lufy and his crew grow as he continues his endless quest for the one piece while he faces pirates who are as strong and determined as he is.

It’s still a favorite and you’ll always find it in some of the first places for top-ranking animes.

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5 – Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya - Knights of the Zodiac

It isn’t as flashy as the previous ones but you’ve certainly heard about it.

Saint Seiya can bring as much nostalgia as dragon ball, and has a loyal fandom who’s seen each one of its sagas; personally, it’s a bit serious and tragic for my taste, but I have seen some of its sagas.

And now that they are remaking the series, I don’t think I’ll miss it.

6 – Fullmetal Alchemist


May heaven take pity on whoever speaks ill of this anime, Fullmetal Alchemist is a heavyweight in the anime world, loved and acclaimed by its fandom.

With an interesting and somewhat bloody plot, and being a moving example between the loyalty between two brothers, it’s a beloved series.

7 – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The representative of the mecha genre, with its complicated plot and charismatic characters, but especially with spectacular mecha fights. You’ll find a thousand theories on how the anime ends on the Internet.

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8 – Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann


As good as the previous one, you’ll always find it leading the charts of the mecha genre, and it’ll always be an example of how epic anime can be. Its characters, soundtrack and mecha fights are spectacular to the point of making it an anime you have to see.

9 – Death Note


You won’t be acknowledged as an anime fan if you haven’t seen this. Suspense and mystery are present in every episode, its dark plot is attractive and it has the iconic characters Light Yagami and L, you’ll always find their names resonating in the anime.

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Best Popular Animes

They aren’t as flashy and don’t break popularity rankings, but they are known; so known that you’ll end up watching them to see how they are because you’re tired of seeing them everywhere. Here is a list of best animes that you surely know or have seen.

10 – Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Shingeki no kyojin Attack on Titan

You’ve probably heard about it, cataloged as one of the best gore and anime with great openings and soundtracks; Shingeki no kyojin is one of those animes that your friends won’t stop talking about and which they recommend until you’re sick of it.

The fans, including myself, impatiently look forward to every season of this spectacular anime.

If you already saw this anime, then you can not miss our article of Curiosities of shingeki no kyojin; I know you will love it

11 – Tokyo Ghoul


As for gore, this one gives Shingeki no kyojin a good fight; Tokyo Ghoul had us humming oshieteo oshieteo for a while, as it ranked among the most prominent anime of your favorite pages.

Its splendid story and dose of blood in each chapter amazed more than a fan, this anime is quite spoiled and has a lot of covers on YouTube.

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12 – Hellsing


If you like vampires and gore then you must know about Hellsing; a gore and action jewel, you’ll always find it in top lists. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it one hundred percent.

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13 – Fairy tail


An excellent fantasy shonen that has managed to maintain its position and popularity until the end, if you haven’t seen fairy tail, What are you waiting for? Because even with its excessive nakama power and fan service everywhere, it has excellent animation, fights and an epic soundtrack.

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14 – The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no taizai)

The Seven Deadly Sins - Nanatsu no taizai

It’s always mentioned, because more than one sees it as the successor of the big 4. It has everything we love about shonen, excellent animations, fights, charismatic characters and an addictive plot that enchants; whether you watch it because it caught your attention or because you’re tired of seeing it everywhere, you’ll surely understand why it’s cataloged as one of the best animes of the time.

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15 – One Punch Man


Its popularity was a punch as soon as it came out; it gained strength with reviews and articles of who would win a fight, Saitama vs Goku, anyway, you’ve probably heard about it.

Personally I find it a bit repetitive, in every episode Saitama is always the strongest, but it has an epic animation and a soundtrack that makes you feel every punch, it’s definitely worth watching.

16 – Mob Psycho


If you like One punch man then you can’t miss Mob psycho, you only need to watch it to see how similar it is to the aforementioned.

It has the same argument; the main difference is that instead of a man that can destroy mountains with his punches, it’s about a kid who has a powerful mind, there have been many jokes about how he’s Saitama’s lost child.

17 – Highschool of the Dead


The favorite zombie anime, has action that heavily services fandom in every episode; it transmits each characters’ feeling of despair and survival very well, although I think they abuse too much of the ecchi factor. It’s highly recommended in action top lists.

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18 – Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Future_Diary-Mirai Nikki

It’s a favorite in the yandere genre, the romance develops well and has high doses of action, suspense and blood.

The protagonist is a bit of a sap, but the anime makes up for it with its waifu yandere and an excellent plot.



Whoever loves shojo must know this anime, its romance is accompanied by tragedy and feelings. It’s an elite kokoro’s breaker that can even soften the hardest stone, it’s simply beautiful.

20 – Steins;Gate


A science fiction, suspense, drama and romance anime. When you watch it you feel there’s nothing special about it, but by the end of the episode you’re speechless and shocked by a certain unexpected event.

Personally I think these are the animes that one just likes, and the ones that stand out the most.

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21 – Sword art online

Sword art online anime game

One of the favorite gamer animes. Who doesn’t know Kirito, the black swordsman and his harem? It has an enveloping plot from the first episode, excellent animations, fights and a tender and adorable romance.

22 – No game no life


The other highly acclaimed gamer anime, one can find infinite covers of its opening in youtube, the characters’ design and scenes are beautiful; In addition, it has an attractive plot.

23 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


My friends couldn’t stop recommending this anime’s sagas; its plot and fights are spectacular and entertaining; although there are a few seasons so you won’t know where to start.

24 – Hajime no Ippo


It always holds top positions in the sports genre, it’s one of those boxing animes that fans love. The animations are so good that you can feel every punch.

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25 – Detective Conan (Case Closed)


The eternal mystery anime; it fights one piece for the most episodes; the protagonist is charismatic and intelligent and it has an attractive plot. You must’ve heard about this anime.

Nostalgic Animes

These are such childhood animes that regardless of whether you watched them or not, you must’ve heard about them practically everywhere; get ready because this list will touch your childhood heartstrings and release your inner child.

26 – Pokémon


Love it or hate it, you’ll always find pokemon in the news or funny criticisms shaped as memes.

We’ve aged seeing the eternal adventures of the increasingly young Ash or Satoshi; and appreciating the new pokemons that come out in each new season. Surely this anime is part of your childhood; and yet you still get disappointed when Ash loses any of the many leagues he has participated in.

If you’re interested; the manga has nothing to do with the anime; if you want to learn more about it, check out the recommended manga articles, pokemon.

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27 – Sailor Moon


A classic shojo anime that was part of your childhood; even though I’m not really a fan of the magic girl genre, Sailor moon is different; because it has a plot and an excellent background that entertains you on every episode.

It’s an anime you have to watch before you die.

28 – Digimon


With the endless sagas it has had; some not as good as others; Digimon holds a special place in our nostalgia and our inner child’s heart; which is why it holds popular positions when you least expect it.

29 – Yu-gi-oh

I confess that I’ve seen this anime hundreds of times, and in my judgment, the first series was insurmountable; but that didn’t stop the company from creating an endless series of sagas; although they weren’t as good as the first, if they were even noticed.

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30 – Doraemon


It’s so famous that you always find references for this anime in another anime; it’s also known that it’s very loved by the inhabitants of Japan, even the oldest ones.

Did you like this top list? Do you think I missed any anime? ¡Don’t hesitate to comment! Thank you for reading this article and I invite you to see the list of the coolest anime guys and anime waifus.

  1. This is a great list and I see a lot of anime that I want to watch. So happy to see my favorite anime Sword Art Online made the list =)

    A newer anime that recently came out “Demon Slayer” is an awesome show that I think will be a fan favorite once the word spreads how good it is.

    • Also Naruto did not deserve the 2nd place. One Piece should have received 1st or second place

      • DICACIOUS stfu plz just bcz you watched one anime and you liked it doesnt mean it deserves the best spot on every list stupid people have theyre own opinions and everyone knows that the db series and naruto are the best anime of all time and thats not going to change any time soon yes One piece is good but not as good as those 2

      • Shit you even left out berserk, and some other honorable mentions like elfen lied or megalo box could replace those sorry 8 I mentioned before…tisk tisk

    • Are you stupid. Sword Art Online is probably the worst popular anime of the decade

      • This is absurd, not best anime by any means, just childish nostalgia.

        First, lose hellsing, yugioh, pokemon, sailor moon, knights of seiya, no game no life, high school of dead and ESPECIALLY DIGIMON!

        Replace those goofy 8 with my hero academia, gintama, ushio and tora, Hunter x Hunter, Magi, dororo, demon slayer, and friggin cowboy bebop! No particular order.

        Then add karakuri circus, adventures of Sinbad, samurai shampoo, inuyasha, and two personal favorite in rurouni kenshin and yu yu talks to.

        My list is definitely better if it absorbs yours and spits out the digimons of the anime world muahahahahaAAAAAA!

        • Thanks for sharing your suggestions too; I bookmarked them. Since you also liked Hero academia, Hunter x hunter, demon slayer and sinbad … I think i’ll enjoy others too


  2. Thanks to this list, I was able to discover a lot of anime that I really did not know and which are ultimately excellent. Thank you.

  3. You missed Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakushu

  4. Hi Knux,
    Really loved your article. Keep up the good work. Also, I want to recommend hunter x hunter anime to all anime lovers out there. Do include in the next post if possible . Cheers

  5. Es geht aber um den meistgesehenden anime lol

  6. where are the sources of the shit

  7. Really loved your article..

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