The Best 10 Anime Characters

  • Lawliet (Death Note)
Lawliet (Death Note)

The case of L is very peculiar, as his mysticism and singularity have made him one of the most valued characters. He presents himself as a rather introverted and distrustful boy, absorbed in his own thoughts, who performs certain behaviours that may attract the attention of others (squatting on chairs, for example).

He believes fervently in justice, as can be seen during his persecution of Kira in Death Note, and is able to go to extremes in order to prove that his hypotheses are true.

Although with the description it may seem that he is a simple character, it is rather the opposite, because it is precisely what goes through his head that usually interests the audience. He doesn’t talk much about him and there are still many mysteries surrounding him, which is why he is still a very quoted character today.

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