The Best 10 Anime Characters

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  • Son Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)
Son Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

Gohan was very shy and kind as a child, though he stood out for his intelligence. As a descendant of Saiyajin he had extraordinary powers but was more reluctant to fight except when it was expressly necessary, and he didn’t liked it too much. He had his own concept of justice, which led him to become a kind of superhero called the Great Saiyaman.

From a very young age he was very close to his family, as he has shown many times by defending them to the point of exhaustion, which makes Gohan a very noble character who becomes loved. In addition, he has incredible power and although he prefers to dedicate himself to leading a normal life with Videl and studying, when he fights, the fights become a spectacle.

This attempt to reconcile his life as a saiyajin with the personal and academics make him one of the most interesting characters of Dragon Ball Z.

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