The Best 10 Anime Characters

  • Akane Tendo (Rank 1/2)
Akane Tendo (Rank)

Akane is a clear example that women don’t need a prince charming, one of the reasons why she is one of the best anime characters. While many shojo focused on the magical girls or used to contain stories where the protagonist fulfills a lot of gender stereotypes, Akane totally breaks with them.

Although she is very generous and hardworking, she also has her moments of irascibility, where she doesn’t hesitate to show off her martial arts skills to defend herself. Even so, she is compassionate with her opponents and knows when to stop and help, so we can see in her two dimensions that end up forming a special synergy that defines this character.

In addition, she is sometimes labeled as a tomboy, and it is that she doesn’t fulfill the roles of typical genres such as knowing how to cook. While Akane protected herself with a breastplate throughout Ranma ½, where she treated Ranma badly and hid what she really felt for him, the girl gradually opened up more and lessened her attacks of aggressiveness.

Sometimes she is too naive, relying heavily on people who would later be her rivals, and has shown a strong affection for her family, defending it against any threat.

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