Anime conventions I went to in 2020


1. Holiday Matsuri

Now, I must admit that this convention was actually in December of 2019. Since it was so close to the new year, I decided to add it anyway. This convention was in Orlando Florida, which was pretty far from where I live.


It was really cool seeing cosplayers add holiday outfits to their characters. The convention was small but still had amazing voice actors, there was not even a line for most autographs!


Lack of event information, it was my fault also for not looking at the videos though. There was an event that seemed interesting until I got there and found out what it actually was, I then immediately left.

I really did like this con and would go back if I happen to be in the area again.

2. Kamicon

I have actually been to this convention since year 3 and loved it ever since. I really love the idea of adding a story that continues every year. The idea of the attendees getting involved is really cool also. This year they had coins that we could use to see what the convention would be like next year. Other years they had trading cards, pedometers, and just fun activities against anime characters.


The story is a big pro, and the engagement in general. The voice actor lines were still long, but better than past years. I also really liked the games they had this year in the gaming room as well. Some voice actors actually started signing stuff before their designated time making it easier to get them.


The voice actor lines were weird since everyone had to stand in a long line and then was branched out into smaller lines. The opening ceremony didn’t seem as good as past years.

I still want to go to this convention and see where they will go. This convention is the closest one to me so far since the one near me closed last year.

3. Momoconline

With COVID 19 going around, I didn’t think that there would be any more conventions for a while until Momocon decided instead of canceling, they were going to move to an online convention. They also made it free so it was really convenient.


I really liked the idea of doing a convention online during this time. It was fun seeing all the different panels and even going to their Animal Crossing Island. They even had merch. There was an artist ally and dealers room page as well.


Since the convention was online, there were a lot of technical issues and internet problems. This is my opinion also but I think that getting the voice actors signatures is a lot better in person compared to them signing stuff online. The timezones were also hard at times because where I live is an hour less than the time on the schedules.

I really liked the idea of this con and glad that it was free. I probably wouldn’t want to pay for a con like this since its not the full experience. I know that it was hard for them to make this happen and I’m really thankful for that and hope one day to go to Momocon in Georga.

4. Casa Con

There was another online convention I went to, they used Discord for all their events so it’s different than what Momocon did.


It was easy to see what panels were going on with pings. Being on Discord made it easier for people to talk to others as well.


There are many notifications that you hear on Discord and they had trouble with the videos in the first part of the convention.

5. Funimation Con

A convention online run by Funimation.


There were not really many pros for me at this con. I was using a phone though so it probably would be better on a computer. I liked how it was in my time zone though.


It was a really bad expirance on the phone. It was hard to go to the site and find where to watch the videos. I had loading issues as well.

6. Anime Expo Lite

This convention was happening the same time as the other convention but I was able to watch more of this one.


I used the app and it worked really well. It was easy to find where panels were and I just had to press a button to watch it.


The Internet is always a big problem with online cons. The time zones were tricky as well.

7. Crunchyroll Expo

Since I pay for a Crunchyroll subscription I had to go to the Crunchyroll Expo. I really liked this con though.


I really liked the app they used with the schedule and other things as well. It was fun to do the scavenger hunt also. It was easy to find the panels as well on their website also.


I didn’t like the commercials after each panel, it got repetitive. Also, wish that they continued selling merch a few days after the con.

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