5 Best Anime Fight Scenes All The Time


In the beginning fighting in anime was quite limited.

It was just two brawlers battling it out in a test of stamina and the last one standing was the winner.

When I think of it the ones that come to my mind are surely Dragon Ball and Hokuto no Ken.

But as time went by we saw a lot of innovations with all kinds of weapons and abilities being included when it came to fights.

Even sports anime are like that now a days as if the characters are battling it out one on one.

I’ve seen my share of anime fight scenes and I’m sure you have too since they’re all over the place.

So let’s tighten our fists and look back to the best anime fights of all time.

5. Ippo vs Sendo:

Ippo vs Sendo

This is the perfect example of an underdog making his way to sit on the throne only the worthiest of people could sit on.

Ippo since the beginning is shown to be weak, someone who gets bullied a lot and is quite miserable at times.

But things take a turn with Takamura coming to his life.

Ever since then he’s had a lot of matches that all brought him closer to the one thing that drives everyone.

The championship belt. In this title match, we were all at the edge of our seats with all the action that was going on.

With Ippo charging into him in the beginning to almost knocking him down.

We saw that he had come back to the ring as a man who had his eyes on the belt more than anyone else.

All the punches make an impact and at times make real boxing bland with all the transitions and sfx going on.

It was surely something that made the adrenaline go wild within me.

4. Gintoki vs Takasugi:

Gintoki vs Takasugi

Gintoki vs Takasugi

The whole series kept teasing it time to time.

Ever since Shinsuke was introduced in the beginning of the anime, we saw the animosity between them.

It was crystal clear that even though they were comrades in the past, none of them would hesitate when it came to slither the other’s throat.

After a whole lot of waiting and a multitude of episodes reaching their termination, we were about to get what we wanted since the beginning.

The face off in the beginning sure got us more hyped since we had imagined it beforehand.

The two men battling to death.

But the real thing was surely off the charts and made us think that we were underestimating Bandai Namco for sure.

The fight was so well animated and featured whole new moves and sides to the characters that made us fall in love with them even more.

It’s surely one of the best fight scenes in anime history.

3. Saitama vs Boros:

Saitama vs Boros

Saitama vs Boros

One Punch Man was a million steps ahead of everyone when it came to animation.

The fight against Kabuto? Or the one against Speed-O-Sound Sonic?

Hell even that Vaccine Man punch was something else.

Every fight scene was perfect whether it came to the animation or the soundtracks.

To start things off we hear that iconic exchange that’s given birth to so many memes.

The ‘Okay’ with that bland Saitama face. What a way to start the final fight.

The exchange of fists with Saitama blocking all of them and making him burst into smithereens just by one punch.

He even gets kicked to the moon and gave Boros the impression that he had ‘died apparently’. Boy, you stupid.

His special moves are named just the way he is, bland but enough to wipe the villain from the face of Earth.

2. Kurapika vs Uvogin:

Kurapika vs Uvogin

Kurapika vs Uvogin

The whole backstory between Kurapika and The Phantom Troupe was one of those mysteries we wanted to have solved as soon as possible.

His hatred when he talked about them and how he treated his village made us want to see them come face to face.

The whole Chrollo abduction to having Uvogin and questioning him using any means necessary sure made his resolve crystal clear.

But the situation looked a bit cooled down from the heated turn of events we just witnessed.

It was a letdown to a bit but wait. We had Kurapika and Uvogin come face to face in that very house.

The whole,’ I’d prefer somewhere distant and quiet, cause you’ll be screaming at the top of your voice’ with the music kicking in the background sure got us armed and ready for the fight which gave us the exact treat we’ve been wanting since day one.

1. Goku vs Frieza:

Goku vs Frieza:

Goku vs Frieza:

The most iconic fighting scene to ever had come to the screen.

This was something that reshaped the whole anime fight scene and introduced elements never seen before.

We’d known the evil acts Frieza had committed ever since he set foot in this world. But Saiyans had the worst.

They all served him for so long and then got nothing in the end.

He wiped them together with their planet. He had to pay for what he’d done.

Vegeta’s tears made his frustration clear when it came to revenge and wanting to have that long lost glory back.

Goku is surely not someone who’d leave his comrades behind.

Goku makes him have a taste of his own medicine and gives him the beating of his life.

The fight ended in the best way possible with that ‘You Fool!’ that’s still bright as a clear day in my head whenever I recall it.

In fact, Japanese anime continues to develop, and more and more anime fighting series. especially anime girls.

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