12 Impressive Anime Films That you May Not Know About

For both newcomers and regulars of the genre.

Hits such as Your Name or A Silent Voice have reminded both those who grew up with Studio Ghibli films and those who had never dared with anime, that it is one of the best formats to portray the magic of cinema. Whether through series or films, Japanese animation has triumphed for more than thirty years in our country with completely different proposals. But which films can you see beyond Ghibli or those rescued by the Netflix catalogue?

Here are some proposals, more or less popular, which are essential for anyone who wants to enter the wonderful world of anime.

1- ‘The boy and the beast’, by Mamoru Hosoda (2015)

The boy and the beast
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Three years ago, director Mamoru Hosoda reaffirmed himself as one of Japan’s best filmmakers after winning, for the fourth time, the Japanese Academy Award for Best Animated Film.

Starring a nine-year-old orphan child and a beast that lives in a world different from that of the main character, The Boy and the Beast recovers Ghibli’s best and then twists it in a more complex and emotional direction that leaves no one indifferent.

2- ‘PatemaInverted’, byYasuhiroYoshiura (2013)

PatemaInverted byYasuhiroYoshiura 2013
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A mix of a Mad Max style dystopia and an intimate indie film, Patema Inverted is one of the most daring proposals on the list.

The fans of Your Name will enjoy this film because the thesis is the same: no matter time, distance or in this case, gravity. Love can overcome everything.

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  1. I have seen the majority of these films and they are all awesome!

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